Map and Directions to EMF Insurance Agency

Full Address of EMF Insurance Agency
  • Full Address : 301 Main St San Francisco, CA 94105
  • Street Address : 301 Main St
  • Locality : San Francisco
  • Region : CA / California
  • Postal Code : 94105
  • Telephone : 866-601-8790
  • Country : US
  • Category : Insurance

Jessica Priest

If you still think that insurance agents are sleezy suited creatures with mounds of paperwork and heavy handed insurance language- kiss your stereotypes good bye.

Erin Fish and his team are friendly, prompt, knowledgeable and an absolute pleasure. Ive worked with EMF the last year on a variety of coverage issues, including independently acquiring coverage, appealing denials and began the workings of getting approved under the auspices of Covered CA.

If youre lucky enough to have them work with you, youll be in extremely competent hands with a group who knows how the steps to the health care tango. Highly recommend!

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