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Gary Danko

About Gary Danko

The Gary Danko operation operates in the United States of America in the state of the California, at the 800 N Point St San Francisco, CA 94109 address, in the Restaurants category. The Gary Danko is on weekdays between 09:00 AM and 05:00 PM; weekends between 09:00 and 01:00 PM hours. You can find Gary Danko operation at 800 N Point St San Francisco, CA 94109 address and telephone number 415 749-2060 . Please use the map below to get directions to Gary Danko operation.

For more information about Gary Danko business, you can get information by calling 415 749-2060 . Please click to get more information about the business in the Restaurants category. Please click to see operations in 94109 zip code.

Gary Danko Address: 800 N Point St San Francisco, CA 94109, United States Phone: 415 749-2060

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800 N Point St, San Francisco, CA 94109. Restaurants for San Francisco 415 749-2060 find station, phone numbers, addresses, get directions, store address, store location, store hours, services, location, map, driving directions, coupons, hours, opening time, closing time, holiday hours, official website and reviews for Restaurants in San Francisco
Get directions, reviews and information for Gary Danko in San Francisco, CA. Gary Danko. 800 N Point St,. San Francisco, CA 94109. 415 749-2060 .
Gary Danko is located at 37.8058721 latitude and -122.4205787 longitude. Neighborhood / 800 N Point St and San Francisco districts. The location of the Gary Danko map in California is shown in the map center. Gary Danko zip code 94109. Gary Danko

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Seventeen years after opening the doors in San Franciscos iconic Fishermans Wharf neighborhood, Restaurant Gary Danko continues to develop the award winning combination of classical French cuisine, thoughtful and creative use of local ingredients, and at the same time impeccable and impeccable service. "You do not open a great restaurant," says Chief Gary Danko, "an ongoing study."

This dedication to excellence and innovation has earned Restaurant Gary Danko a twelve-fifth note from AAA and an eye-catching Relais & Châteaux title. The Michelin-rated restaurant also won several James Beard awards, including Best New Restaurant, Best Service and Best Chef - California. A warm, enveloped place warming up with orchids and live artworks, Gary Dankos night is both intimate and theatrical.
A loving head shake to an old world eating experience that is heartbroken: fresh, locally grown, and fresh food that is prepared with precision and skill from the vast seasonal offer of the region.

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1 Reviews

  • Lauren Hanks

    Oh my! Lets just say this place worth every penny!
    Great service, amazing food!
    This is one of the fancy places that I will visit more than one time.
    Will definitely recommend people to try it out.

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