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  • 37.7931232, -122.4031008

Omni San Francisco Hotel

About Omni San Francisco Hotel

The Omni San Francisco Hotel operation operates in the United States of America in the state of the California, at the 500 California St San Francisco, CA 94104 address, in the Hotels category. The Omni San Francisco Hotel is on weekdays between 09:00 AM and 05:00 PM; weekends between 09:00 and 01:00 PM hours. You can find Omni San Francisco Hotel operation at 500 California St San Francisco, CA 94104 address and telephone number 415 677-9494 . Please use the map below to get directions to Omni San Francisco Hotel operation.

For more information about Omni San Francisco Hotel business, you can get information by calling 415 677-9494 . Please click to get more information about the business in the Hotels category. Please click to see operations in 94104 zip code.

Omni San Francisco Hotel Address: 500 California St San Francisco, CA 94104, United States Phone: 415 677-9494

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500 California St, San Francisco, CA 94104. Hotels for San Francisco 415 677-9494 find station, phone numbers, addresses, get directions, store address, store location, store hours, services, location, map, driving directions, coupons, hours, opening time, closing time, holiday hours, official website and reviews for Hotels in San Francisco
Get directions, reviews and information for Omni San Francisco Hotel in San Francisco, CA. Omni San Francisco Hotel. 500 California St,. San Francisco, CA 94104. 415 677-9494 .
Omni San Francisco Hotel is located at 37.7931232 latitude and -122.4031008 longitude. Neighborhood / 500 California St and San Francisco districts. The location of the Omni San Francisco Hotel map in California is shown in the map center. Omni San Francisco Hotel zip code 94104. Omni San Francisco Hotel

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Omni Hotels & Resorts has the leading business gateways and entertainment locations in North America to give guests an authentic feel for local flavor. From exceptional golf and spa areas to dynamic business environments, each Omni facility seamlessly adapts to the local culture while offering four diamond services, specialty restaurants, WiFi connectivity and unique wellness options.

At Omni we are committed to making a lasting impression for every guest with our award-winning, personalized service. And to show our patronage to those who are loyal to us, we offer a higher recognition and awards with our Select Guest® loyalty program and the companys Power of One supportive authorization program.

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1 Reviews

  • Alex Helmick

    This hotel is very welcoming. The valets, concierge and bell employees are delightful. Our waiter at Bobs for breakfast was charming.
    The room was large. That is unheard of in San Francisco. We were greeted every time we returned as if the hotel personnel missed us!
    Our shower was strong and big. (I sound like I am on a date!).
    Housekeeping hand wrote us a sweet note.
    This Omni is expensive and you do get treated like royalty so it is worth the dollas.
    I hated to leave. My husband said to the Omni personnel that he is looking forward to returning. The best part...our new friends who work at the Omni looked genuinely happy to hear that!

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